Kayak St Lucia At Anse Chastanet Resort

Enjoy Kayak St. Lucia's Kool Kayaking Adventure featuring Prijon Touring Kayaks and certified ACA guides. Learn all the skills needed to enjoy adventure sports fastest growing activity… kayaking! See our adventure desk at Scuba St. Lucia for details.

Join us for a fantastic ocean kayaking experience on one of our five exciting kayak tour options. Whether you are a beginner paddler or a proficient sea kayaker we can offer options that will match your skill level and interests. On all tours you will paddle at your own pace for comfort and enjoyment.

You also have a choice of which type of kayak to use… sit-inside or sit-on-top models. For those who want a more serious coastal kayaking experience we do recommend using our Prijon sit-inside sea kayaks which feature rudders, ergonomic seats, and thigh braces.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by our professionally trained guides who will discuss your paddling goals and objectives. Once we have determined your kayak experience, we will custom create the tour experience just for you. For first time participants, all five of our tours begin with an instruction session which includes an overview of the boats and all equipment needed to ensure a safe paddling experience on the water. We will set our boats up and learn the SEAL launch to get you out onto the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Before departing, we will also talk about decision making, balance, stroke technique and what to do if you capsize. With a new arsenal of paddling and safety skills in your repertoire, it's time to explore!

Our Tours

Kayaking the Coast of Soufriere Bay

Our basic and most popular tour option is Kayaking the Coast of Soufriere Bay. Donning our PFD's, Personal Flotation Devices, our guide will lead you out and around Grand Caille Point and over one of our very popular dive sites, FAIRYLAND. From there, we will continue to paddle along the coast to examine the weathered volcanic cliffs eventually reaching the famed bat cave and Hummingbird Beach at the north end of the Soufriere waterfront. All along the way, you will be treated to great views of the twin peaks of the Pitons - a UNESCO World Heritage site - rising majestically out of the sea. A waterproof camera is a must! This Soufriere Bay Coast tour returns to the resort around 1:30.


Paddle to the Pitons

Our most demanding and exhilarating kayaking option is the Paddle to the Pitons tour that takes you across Soufriere Bay to Petit Piton to enjoy the spectacular views of the sheer mountain face rising vertically from the sea to a height of nearly one-half mile. After exploring more of the magnificent coast you will land ashore to stretch your legs or perhaps take a relaxing swim. On the return journey you will have the option of following the bay coastline towards the town of Soufriere for some added sightseeing.

Fishing Villages & Beach Picnic

Our Fishing Villages & Beach Picnic tour allows you to explore the scenic coastline north of the resort. Once you've worked up a good appetite your guide will arrange for the delivery by boat of an excellent lunch prepared especially for you our Anse Chastanet Resort chefs. There are several scenic deserted beach options on which you can enjoy your Caribbean picnic. After lunch and a cooling swim, you will return at a leisurely pace to the resort.

Couple Kayakers

Sunset Kayak

For our more romantic guests we offer a Sunset Kayak tour that departs later in the afternoon allowing you to enjoy a Caribbean sunset out on the sea.

Birdwatching Kayak Combo

Bird Watching Bird Watching

And if birds are your interest there's the Birdwatching Kayak Combo that focuses on the activities and nesting sites of a variety of seabirds that make the rugged cliffs in our area their home. This tour is best enjoyed early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the birds are in their nesting areas.

Important Stuff:
Sunscreen is strongly recommended. Also, a synthetic, lightweight and loose long sleeve garment can be helpful in protecting against sunburn. Polarized sunglasses with a securing device and a head covering, wide brimmed preferably, are strongly advised. Comfortable footwear that can get wet is optional.

The kayak manufacturer recommends a minimum weight of 110 pounds (50 Kilos.) and a maximum of 220 pounds (100 kilos.). Participants must be physically able to handle a kayak and be a comfortable in the water as a swimmer.